Team Builder Wellcare


Have you ever asked yourself, “What would be a good quality, enjoyable way to improve morale in the work place?” Or, “How can I generate positive attitudes and decrease the stress levels of all employees from upper management, department heads, HR, sales staff, engineers, accounting, supervisors and service personnel?” The answer is easy. It’s time to book a team building event with Sports Fun Corporate Events!

I am the team building coordinator at Sports Fun. l personally design challenges to help employees communicate more effectively on the job…and off. After participating in our events, I’ve been told that employees demonstrated improved attitudes which lead to successful achievements in the work place. They learned to solve problems by utilizing the knowledge of their “team players”, and to make decisions with confidence resulting in WINNING for everyone!

My staff and I recently did a team builder for a department at WellCare Health Plans. There were around 80 participants. At the beginning, the employees seemed apprehensive, curious as to what they would be required to do, wondering if this was going to be fun or a waste of time. It didn’t take long to see the enthusiasm grow as prizes were handed out via raffle tickets to get the party started!

The employees came from all over Florida and some from other states, so I creatively divided the guests into 8 teams of 10. Immediately, team members got to know each other and began showing team spirit and camaraderie. I could tell this was going to be a fun group.

There were four stations which every team would have to rotate, competing against another team at each. The stations did not necessarily require athletic ability, more so, intellectual problem solving and using verbal and non-verbal communication under unusual circumstances! At one station, the team members had to build a bicycle, with training wheels, while only whispering and having one hand behind their back! We were excited to then donate the 8 bicycles built to the foster children at the Children’s Home Network. The WellCare team building event was an huge success and fun was had by all!

Make changes in your workplace by scheduling a Sports Fun Team Builder.